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Илья Красик

get full pic Открытый взор лучистых, ясных глаз
И оптимизм, наивность молодая...
Таким ты был и навсегда у нас
В сердцах застыл, над пропастью взлетая...
(c) Роман Тункель
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Фотографии прислали Миша Тетерин и Володя Случак

get full pic My name is Semyon Geydelman, I am friend of Ilya Krasik. I live in California, Bay Area. We graduated from Leningrad Politechnical Institute in 1980 year. We were members of Mountain Club during the student years.

In fact, he was my first "rukavoditel" during winter (Karelia - 1 category) and summer (Kavkaz - 1 category) trips in 1977. I still have "spravki" (268K) about trips written by him in 1977.

This photo is made in 1977 during training ski trip in Zelenogorsk. On the photo you can see (from left to right): Myself (location - California), Galya Surina (Israel), Anya Krasik (Boston), Masha Raykin (Boston), Oleg Becher (location unknown), Dima Shusterman (Winter Park, Colorado). All are members of Ilya Krasik's first group. After that he didn't make any serious trips and I continued climbing (5th categories and alpinist camps).

After emigration I did just short trips. I emigrated from Russia the same day with Ilya, in March 1989. We lived together in Italy during emigration for several months.

After that I have not seen him for a while (except one visit during vacation) and in summer 1998 he got idea for the bike trip with me in Switzerland. So we had a very good time.

I made a lot of pictures and video. Here are some e-mails between Ilya and myself about this trip:

From Ilya Krasik:
Hi, Sema! How are you doing over there in your Sunny California? I guess I "got a picture". By the way, I am going to travel on the bike from Zurich to Geneva in August for 11 days. So, you (and perhaps Dimich) are welcome to joint. In any case, write me E-mail, since you can reply on mine. It is my very first E-mail from you. I don't know if I will be at CA in the near future, but you are always welcome in Boston.
Good luck.

From Sam Geydelman:
Ilya, This sounds really interesting.. Can you describe more detales about your trip: how long, how many people etc.. What is your phone, anyway?

From Ilya Krasik:
Good morning, Sema! Thanks for calling last night. Speaking of additional information about biking in Europe in general and 11-days-tour from Zurich to Geneva from 6 to 16 of August: You can call them at 1-800-736-bike company name is: CBT Tours (Chicago, Illinois) Cost: $1045 I would suggest to call them for details. It will be really great if you can joint. Think about it...
I think,we should accept all-indoor-lodging because of the following reasons:
1. The deal $1045+$50 extra vs. $1395 = $300 discount
2. "tak wipjem jze za to shtobi ni odna plichka ne otrivalas ot kollektiva"
3. We would not carry a lot of staff like a slipping bag.
4. We don't have any choice: "Golosovatj mozno! No toljko Za!"
5. We will go camping together next time (any time).
Your old friend, Ilya

Прислал Семен Гейдельман