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Pico de Orizaba, Dec 23, 1999 - Jan 3, 2000

Dec. 25.

On our way to La Cabana de Manolo. Luba's sitting in the chair, then Ira and Volodya, Ilya Krasik and Ilya Timofeyev are in the truck.

First camp on the Chichimeco ridge.

Igor Slepchin; Somewhere near the camp; Probably the same Day.

Dec. 25 or 26

Ilya Krasik near the first camp on the Chichimeco ridge.

Dec. 26

First ice on Chichimeco ridge and first snow where we cooked the hot lunch.

On our way to the second camp. Team Luba Ivanova - Ilya Krasik - Ilya Timofeyev. Second picture shows our way up and the place where another team supposedly fell on the descent. Our third 5000m camp will be right above rocks which are on the right side of the picture. Third picture - Ilya Timofeyev in the second camp.

Dec. 27

On our way to the third 5000m camp. Looking back at the team Ilya Timofeyev - Ilya Krasik - Luba Ivanova. Second - on the fixed rope lines. V.Smirnov. Third picture - sunrise from the third camp on Dec. 28. Here you can see the slope.

Dec. 28

Very beginning of the accent where we put couple of fixed ropes. Second picture - looking into the direction of 4900m campsite. Third picture - crater.

Igor Slepchin in front of the crater. Second picture - looking into the direction of the summit.

Dec. 29

Austrians. Taken from the 5000m camp. Right next to the right at the bottom of the rock formation there is a tiny couloir.

Dec. 30

Orizaba from Piedro Grande.

Reported by Ilya Timofeev