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Ilya Goroditscher: ...We live in an age when the values are diluted and compromised...when we sell little bits of ourselves for reasons often insignificant. Volodya stands in a sharp contrast to that...

Anonymous: ...You'll be an angel...

David Krasik,
Ilya Krasik's son
My heart can't believe it,
my father is dead,
they say he is there,
in that dark wooden bed.

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Cy Todd: ...Ilya was the most creative and innovative mechanical engineer I have ever met. His analytic abilities were amazing... Ilya's loss was terrible beyond words... Read more

mi: As many, I first "met" Vladimir on Usenet... Read more

Sophia Menn: She was very bright, unordinary and unique person in a lot of ways... She loved to live, learn, read, hike, climb, and discover... Read more

Masha Raykin: I have known Ilia for 23 years. I first met him when I came to Mountaineering club of Leningrad Politech... Read more

Alexander Masis: I am Ilia's friend since 1994, we met here in this country...P.S. Also, I'm attaching the last mail I got from Ilia... Read more

Semyon Geydelman: ...We graduated Leningrad Politechnical Institute in 1980 year. We were members of Maintain Club during the student years... Read more

Bill Taylor and others: We were especially touched as we have, many times, walked the ground where the accident occured... Read more

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